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The Lee Lake Association has a long history with its constitution/bylaws dating back to approximately 1950. The constitution last revision was in 1950. The association is currently looking in to updating the constitution. Click the link below to review our constitution.

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The first development of the land around Lee Lake was platted out on Sept.15th, 1922 and named Beau-ti-fu-lee-lake. William and Ida Judd patted the original 25 lots along the East shore of the lake, it was accessed by the road then called Lake-Side Lane. In 1970 the road was moved and 11 additional lots were platted on the street side of the road. This section was named Lee View and Lake-side Lane was then renamed Lakeside Drive.

On June 23rd 1927 the second plat annexed on the North end of the lake was named Harding Park. This plat established 30 lake front lots on Clark & Lee Lake Road.

On May 10th 1948 Laurence and Myrtie Puff annexed the plat of land to be called Laurelee Park. This plat along the West shore of the lake has 22 lakeside lots and 11 back lots divided by Laurelee Lane. The South end of Laure Lane has a large wetland area lined with cattails and natural grasses that provides habitat for many types of wildlife.

On July 25th 1952 another plat was annexed called Clark’s Addition. The plat has 23 lots on the North and North East end of the lake. These lots are also on Clark Road and Public Highway Road.


Scouting in Battle Creek began in 1911

Scout historian Roger D. Cowles and newspaper accounts by the Enquire’s Art Middleton reveal important parts in early counting history in Battle Creek. The records show that the first promoter of Scouting in Battle Creek was Dr. Frank Loomis, a Rotarian.

British Army Gen. Sir Robert Baden Powell organized scouting in England in about 1908 and the program was introduced in United States in 1910.
The first troop was organized at the Congregational Church in 1911 with Col. Thomas C. Morgan as  scoutmaster.

In 1919 John McAfee one of the early Scout Masters in Battle Creek established the first field day camp at Lee Lake that was attended by 127 scouts. The scouts used a large tree stump for a camp fire during the field trip.


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