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Preserving the health of our lake

Lee Lake Association Bylaws

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 Lake Preservation

The Lake Association is dedicated to help preserve the natural resources of Lee Lake so our lake community can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Lee Lake for generations to come.

 Community Events

Our lake association is committed to involve our lake residents in events and activities around the lake. We hope that our efforts will bring neighbors together and enhance our lake community.

 Association Meeting Minutes

Please review the archived meeting minutes of any of the Lee Lake meeting minutes using the link below.

 Lee Lake History

The Lee Lake Association has a long history with its constitution dating back to approximately 1950.

 Popular Links

Calhoun County Road Commission
Report a Problem Online or Call: 269-781-9841
Newton Township 
Michigan DNR

Voluntary Weed Treatment Program 

If you would like to learn more about the Lee Lake voluntary invasive weed treatment program please click the learn more button below.

 Lee Lake Newsletter

The Lee Lake News is a semi-annual newsletter that will feature articles to help keep our lake association residents informed on current news and activities around the lake.

Contact Us

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Tom Parker 
Phone: 773-255-9441


Kathy Doud
Phone: 269-788-2054


Cindy Parker  
Phone: 312-399-2556


Pat Pejakovich 
Phone: 269-9676361



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