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Our lake association is committed to involve our lake residents in events and activities around the lake. We hope that our efforts will bring neighbors together and enhance our lake community. We also plan on activities for the whole community to educate them on how they can help preserve our natural lake resources.

2019 July Fourth Boat Parade

It was another warm 4th of July but I didn't see anyone complain. We had a good turnout of boats, and a lot of people around the lake with family and friends enjoying the holiday.

Thank you to the judges and everyone who participated in the boat parade.

First Place:
The All American Ice Cream Float
Mike and Kathy Kile

Second Place:
The Pirate Ship 
Ben and Shann Letherman

Third Place:
The Patriotic theme
Tom and Sue Lusk

2018 July Fourth Boat Parade

Hot and 90, sound like a great day for a boat parade! We had a great turnout of boats, and people around the lake.  Thank you Mark and Nancy Walters for leading the parade. The spirit award was given to a group of kids on Clark Road. Thank you Judges Denny &  Pam Reed, and Duane Packer. The Lee Lake Association Rocks!

First Place:
Mark and Nancy Walters

Second Place:
Mike and Kathy Kile

Third Place:
Steve and Carol Brooks

2017 July Fourth Boat Parade

What a great day for a boat parade! We had a great turnout of boats, and people around the lake cheering on the parade. Thank you Barry Nora for leading the parade. Thank you Judges Diane Vitale, Duane Packer and Janet Kincaid.The Lee Lake Association Rocks!

First Place:
The Casebeer Family (boat skipper Nick Saywer)

Second Place:
The Bennett Family

Third Place:
The Kile Family

The Spirit Award:
The Korn Family

To see more pictures click the link below,

Lee Lake Association Landing Blitz Friday, July 21st, 2017

The Landing Blitz is a collaborative outreach campaign to raise awareness about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) through recreational boating and related activities. Our message about preventing the introduction and spread of AIS from the movement of watercraft and equipment between water bodies at both public and private boating access sites throughout the state. This will coincide with MSU’s mobile boat wash.

Nick Young from Michigan State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and Clarissa Crist, an Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach Coordinator with MSU extension educator brought the portable boat wash.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped at the boat launch. This year was a little different as we did not have any boaters all day. We still had some good discussions with Nick and Clarissa about what there program is doing to educate the public. We also discussed that maybe they could come to one of our lake association meetings and put on a presentation about the spread of AIS in Michigan.

Thank You to Nick Young and Clarissa Crist from MSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and the DEQ who help coordinate the event. 

Learn More About the Landing Blitz


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