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September is here and fall will soon be upon us. We’re experiencing the sun setting sooner and move to those days with less time on the water!

The Lake Association is providing an update on the voluntary treatment program for both invasive aquatic plants. First, let’s discuss the Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH). Several discussions were held and a quote was provided by Commercial Diver Solutions, LLC, the first company, identified for treatment. This company accepted a full-time business opportunity mid-summer diving at the Mackinac Bridge; ultimately delaying movement on our project.

Diver Solutions referred us to an alternative diving company, Amram Enterprises LLC. out of Ohio. This company agreed to create an estimate comparable to Commercial Diver Solutions, LLC and provided a quote to the Lake Association. This company however has never applied for a DEQ permit for diver assisted suction harvesting. We continued communications with Commercial Diver Solutions LLC with the hope that they would be able to provide services under the quote/contract. Unexpectedly, the owner of Diver Solutions passed away. The company has stopped operations in the short term.

Currently the Lake Association is working with Restorative Lake Sciences our lake management company to complete application for a DEQ Small Project Permit for diver assisted suction harvesting. The permit once approved will be valid for five years. Treatment can take place for DASH through mid-November. This is dependent on how quickly the DEQ processes the requested permit.

Secondly, lets discuss treatment of the hybrid phragmites. The DNR issued a contract awarded to PLM Lake Management Company to treat the launch area again this year. PLM extended an offer to treat individual lake owner properties under the same DEQ permit, with a signed authorization between PLM and the property owner.

All property owners with hybrid phargmities identified on the 2018 lake survey were contacted and provided with the information to decide on treating the hybrid phragmites. Those property owners choosing to treat and who contributed to the Lake Association Voluntary Treatment program, will have their phragmites treated using the allocated 10% of the money collected. Homeowner not contributing to the Lake Association Voluntary Treatment program but wanting their phragmites treated are responsible for any expense. The Lake Association will notify residents through a group e-mail communication when the treatment will take place and likely prior to the end of September.  

 Lee Lake Voluntary Invasive Weed Treatment Program

Every resident will receive a mailed letter. The letter will contain a cover page that reviews the approved voluntary treatment program, 2019 treatment plan, FAQ's document, invoice, and a self-addressed return envelope. Note: Please make checks payable to: Lee Lake Association. Click on the link below to read more. The membership now can also pay online.

We are asking for support as we move forward. Our goal is to complete collection of the funding by May 15, 2019. This will ensure time to secure contracts for treatment of both invasive weeds. Just click on the appropriate Add to Card Buttons below. *Note: This is a voluntary treatment program. Our goal is not to create a hardship for anyone who can’t afford the approved amount.

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2017 Lee Lake Fall News and Survey

At the October 17th LLA meeting a motion was made to create a voluntary lake treatment program for treatment of Lee Lake during 2018. Treatment will designating 90% of funding towards Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) for treating hybrid milfoil and 10% funding toward chemical treatment of hybrid phragmites. The voluntary program will collect funds from lake property owners at the following rates: $200 for lake front owner, $100 for lake access user and $50 for back-lot owner. A lake property owner pays only for one property at the single highest rate previous stated for the voluntary program. The members approved the motion in attendance.

If you would like to learn more about the Lee Lake voluntary invasive weed treatment program please click the FAQ’s button below.

Treatment Program FAQ's

If you have not returned your survey it's still not to late. Please return it to one of the contacts on the survey. We want your opinion! If you did not get a newletter and survey you can download and print one here.

2017 Lake Survey

2017 Survey Results

The September LLA meeting was be held on Tuesday September 26th, 7 pm at the Newton Township Hall. The results of the survey are below.

2017 Lake Survey Results


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