The Lee Lake Association has a long history with its constitution dating back to approximately 1950. Lee Lake located in Newton Township, is a beautiful 116-acre lake. The lake is noted for its crystal clear water, is approximately 47.00 feet deep at its deepest point. Anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Black Crappie, Bluegill, Perch, Grass Pickerel, Northern Pike and even a occasional Rainbow Trout.

Mission Statement:

The Lee Lake Association is a group of volunteers that pledges to work together to protect and enhance the quality of the water, the aquatic environment, the fishery and the wildlife of Lee Lake and its surrounding watershed. We are a community committed to preserving the health of our lake for present and future generations. 

We pledge to keep our neighbors informed of developments that will impact our lake community. To promote activities within our lake community that will offer the opportunity for all neighbors to get involved.

Alert: Association Members and Property Owners

Goguac Lake experience several thefts from boats which occurred overnight on July 28th. Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department will increase patrols in the area of Lee Lake. Please contact law enforcement if you identify suspicious activity. This could include individual(s) launching a boat and casing boats and/or properties along the shoreline.


The Lee Lake Association meeting was held on Tuesday June 20th at 7pm. We had a great turnout. We discussed our treatment options Natural vs. Chemical. There was a lot of healthy discussion on the pros and cons of each option. One of the final comments from a member asked, what do you do if you have a garden? “We need to weed the lake just like our gardens”. A motion was then made to control the milfoil with a natural treatment program called DASH (diver assisted suction harvesting). A vote by a show of hands  passed with overwhelming support. We are now in the process putting the final language in the petition so we can start the process of circulating the petition for the required signatures.

Our next lake association meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 18th at 7 pm at the Newton Township Hall. We hope to have the petition ready at this meeting for a final review with the membership. Please plan to attend.

July 4th Boat Parade Update

What a great day for a boat parade! We had a great turnout of boats, and people around the lake cheering on the parade. Thank you Barry Nora for leading the parade. Thank you Judges Diane Vitale, Duane Packer and Janet Kincaid.The Lee Lake Association Rocks! To see more go to the community Events page below.

Community Events

Lee Lake Association Landing Blitz Friday, July 21st

The Michigan mobile boat wash provided through MSU is coming back to Lee Lake on Friday July 21st from 8 am. to 1 pm. The Landing Blitz is a collaborative outreach campaign to raise awareness about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) through recreational boating and related activities. Our message about preventing the introduction and spread of AIS from the movement of watercraft and equipment between water bodies at both public and private boating access sites throughout the state. The lake association members will again be volunteering to help with the landing blitz. 

Membership Dues

Membership dues for the 2017-2018 year are now due. 20.00/year. Please join the Lake Association and attend our meetings. Our association is only as strong as its members, we encourage everyone to get involved. You can download and mail the membership application form below.

Membership Form

 Lake Preservation

The Lake Association is dedicated to help preserve the natural resources of Lee Lake so our lake community can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Lee Lake for generations to come.

 Community Events

Our lake association is committed to involve our lake residents in events and activities around the lake. We hope that our efforts will bring neighbors together and enhance our lake community.

 Association Meeting Minutes

 Please review the archived meeting minutes of any of the Lee Lake meeting minutes using the link below.

 Lee Lake History

The Lee Lake Association has a long history with its constitution dating back to approximately 1950.

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Calhoun County Road Commission
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Newton Township 
Michigan DNR

 Township Act 188

The Township Special Assessment Act, PA 188 of 1954, was amended in 1994 to provide a mechanism to finance certain types of lake improvement projects, including aquatic plant control.

 Lee Lake Newsletter

The Lee Lake News is a semi-annual newsletter that will feature articles to help keep our lake association residents informed on current news and activities around the lake.

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